Code for safe operation of lifeboat release hooks

Release time:


Due to excessive use time or improper daily maintenance, the lifeboat release hook may be severely rusted or not properly closed, which may cause the lifeboat release hook to fail, which may cause the lifeboat to fall and cause serious injuries. Corrosion or failure of components and handrails in the lifeboat can easily cause damage or breakage of components and handrails when used in launching a boat, resulting in personal injury or death.

Therefore, in our daily work, we must ensure the safe and standardized operation of the lifeboat release hook. This can not only avoid the dangers that may be encountered during the lifeboat operation, but also ensure the safety of the lifeboat release and recovery operations. When it is found that the hook heads cannot be used normally, the condition of each hook head should be carefully checked, and the lifeboat should be checked for water. When releasing the boat, it is necessary to obey the command of the captain and properly perform the operation under the condition of releasing the hook load.

Before releasing the lifeboat, check whether the lifeboat release hook release reset indication is in the locked position. Whether the release handle is in the off position. And when releasing the lifeboat, confirm whether the bottom plug is plugged properly. After the lifeboat is recovered and the brake test is performed, repeated inspection and verification are required to ensure that the lifeboat release device is intact and can be used normally.

Remember, before the lifeboat releases from the lifeboat release hook, it is necessary to carefully check the closed state of the lifeboat front and rear release and hook head. It is important to ensure that the hook head is well reset to prevent the lifeboat from falling if the hook suddenly falls off. In addition, in actual work, when the hook head is in a load state, no maintenance or adjustment operation is allowed.

During the entire work period, remember that the crew on the scene needs to concentrate, adjust their posture and lower their weight, obey instructions, and coordinate operations. When using the handle to retrieve the lifeboat, it must be confirmed that the power of the winch is off. And when releasing the lifeboat, check carefully to make sure the lifeboat release hook is intact.