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How to use life raft? The training benefits fishermen

In order to further enhance the emergency response capacity of fishermen and law enforcement personnel in fishing port safety, and ensure the stability of fishing port safety situation in the area at the end of the year, Guangzhou detachment of Guangdong provincial marine integrated law enforcement corps organized and carried out emergency drill and training activities in dayongkou village, Shawan Town, Panyu District on December 15 More than 60 law enforcement officers from Panyu, Nansha and Zengcheng brigades participated. Professionals explain and demonstrate the use and operation of life rafts, life jackets and other equipment. During the exercise, the law enforcement officers focused on the typical production safety accidents in recent years in the fishery field, and carried out the warning education of production safety accidents, so that the fishermen could understand the causes of the accidents and the painful costs, learn from the experience and lessons, and improve the fishermen's safety awareness and ability. At the same time, professionals were invited to explain and demonstrate the use and operation methods of life rafts, life jackets, distress flares, fire extinguishers and other equipment, and fishermen were organized to carry out practical operation practice.

Please take a warning -- Illustration of typical defects of lifeboats in special inspection of life-saving equipment

The implementation stage of the special inspection of domestic ship life-saving equipment (June 1 to November 30, 2019) has been completed, and many defects about lifeboats have been found in the special inspection activities of Nanjiang maritime bureau.

The rescued girl's lifeboat is calm in reading, and her parents are not afraid that their children do not love reading

Some time ago, Wuhu, Anhui Province, waterlogging, many villages and towns were trapped, firefighters emergency rescue. Among the people in Beijiu garden, a little girl attracted everyone's attention. She sat in the lifeboat, calmly reading books, the noise and danger around seemed to have nothing to do with her. Seeing such a picture, many netizens commented: the body dyed with bookish air, temperament is not general, this child is sure to have future prospects. Maybe there's something in the book that reassures her.

Domestic amphibious ship to move? White life raft on board, sea trial in one month

From the latest pictures of domestic amphibious warships, we can see that the whole construction of amphibious ships has entered the final stage. But there is one detail worth noting, that is, there are white tubes around the side of the ship. These things should be life rafts. This detail is very important, which means that the 075 amphibious ship is preparing for its first sea trial. Why do you say that? Take Shandong warship as an example. In March 2018, it was observed that Shandong warship was loading life rafts. In May, however, the Shandong warship began sea trials, with only a month between them.

In a shipwreck, there is only a small life raft. Can you survive?

At 14:10 on November 23, 1942, the bellomon, which was carrying out wartime transportation in the Atlantic Ocean, was hit by two torpedoes of the German u-172 submarine 750 miles east of the Amazon estuary (latitude 00.30 ° s, longitude 38.45 ° w). Most of the 55 crew members of the bellomon were killed. Pan Lian, who was a waiter on the British ship at that time, survived the accident. After nearly two hours of drifting, pan Lian finally boarded a small life raft.

They can't swim. They can save the drowning girl by taking a life raft

Recently, a 15-6-year-old girl in Jimo, Qingdao, fell into a reservoir more than six meters deep. At a critical moment, two young men who don't understand water use a simple life raft to rescue the girl. Due to the timely rescue, the girl is in a safe situation. "Help, help!" At about 1:00 p.m. on June 25, in the reservoir in the east of Xicheng village, Zhangjia, Jimo, a girl struggled desperately in the water and called for help. At this time, Liu Jian, a 25-year-old man driving by the reservoir, heard a cry for help and immediately got out of the car for help. "The girl in the water is 20 or 30 meters away from the bank and 67 meters deep. I can't swim either. Fortunately, there is a simple life raft tied with two inner tubes of cars beside the reservoir." Liu Jian said that at that time, there was a young man fishing near the reservoir, who was about 30 years old. When he saw the situation, he also joined in the rescue. The two of them rowed towards the girl in a life raft

Brief introduction of lifeboat slings

The davit on the lifeboat is one of the most important equipment, and we usually ignore some problems, let's learn together below!

Basic knowledge of safe use of lifeboat

Generally speaking, this type of vessel has a special storage place on a large vessel. When an accident occurs, we can throw it directly into the water. This life-saving vessel can automatically infla

Precautions for inspection of lifeboat related equipment

Generally according to the lifeboat landing mode, it can be divided into two categories: davit landing and free landing. Hanger landing type can be divided into single-point inverted arm type and grav
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